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Contents of notice of default under s 27 of the RLA 2003

November 15, 2017


Robert Hay QC has written an excellent blog post here commenting on a recent VCAT case about the requirements of a notice of default under s 27 of the RLA 2003. You should read Robert’s note before reading post any further. Whether a tenant has validly exercised an option in a retail premises lease often […]

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Another application of the “ultimate consumer” test

November 2, 2017

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His Honour Judge Macnamara in the County Court of Victoria recently handed down a decision that considers and applies the controversial “ultimate consumer” test under s 4 of the RLA 2003. For some background, see my earlier post here. In the recent case of Access Solutions International Pty Ltd v Gamet Pty Ltd [2017] VCC […]

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